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Unveiling the life of Antoine Soradora

Explore the captivating life of Antoine Soradora, born on July 16, 1902, in Loulé, a quaint town in southern Portugal. Raised by devout farmers, his upbringing shaped the young man's life. Antoine, a solitary and contemplative soul, developed a deep passion for nature and fragrances. At the age of 18, faced with a pivotal choice, he stood at the crossroads of following the predetermined path or embarking on a journey to fully live his existence.

Antoine's passion for fragrances

Antoine Soradora's keen sense of smell embraced the myriad scents defining his daily surroundings. From wild lavender lining the roads, the fusion of earth and water, the gush of a spring at the edge of a grove, to peat and hay, freshly cut spring grass, flowers, and fruits – all these aromas awakened his senses and inspired his creativity.

Antoine soradora's arrival in France

In 1920, amid the lingering winter, Antoine Soradora received news that would alter the course of his life: "France is recruiting foreign labor to supply its vast mining operations," whispered his friend Sandro. Without hesitation, Antoine Soradora made the decision to leave his homeland.

The journey was arduous, but he eventually reached Bouches-du-Rhône, specifically a small village named Gréasque. There, a French family welcomed him, providing a modest shed at the end of their garden as his dwelling.

Antoine Soradora's eden garden in provence

Antoine's first gesture of gratitude towards this family was transforming the untouched land into a small paradise. An Eden garden in Provence bloomed with flowers, fruit trees, and hundreds of aromatic plant varieties.

Antoine Soradora became a symbol of passion for nature and fragrances. His story continues to inspire people worldwide.