Collection: Carner Barcelona

Carner Barcelona: A fragrant ode to spanish craftsmanship

The craftsmanship heritage of sara carner

Sara Carner, hailing from a long line of leather artisans in Spain, possesses an intimate understanding of the standards required to produce quality work. Collaborating with the most adept local partners and suppliers in the fragrance creation domain, Sara brings her collection to life.

Embodying the contemporary spirit of Barcelona

The brand CARNER BARCELONA encapsulates the contemporary essence of Barcelona. We cherish its Mediterranean soul, its history, culture, art, and design, all of which it communicates through its perfumes. It embodies an essence, a lifestyle.

Crafting premium, authentic, and qualitative fragrances

We craft high-end, authentic, and qualitative fragrances for those, like us, who appreciate perfumes and everything that opens us to our perceptions and sensitivities.