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Nom Parfum

Once upon a time...A garden in the middle of summer. The calm of a sunny nap. And the children's snack. Jany. She works in the kitchen, between sugar and flour. What she loves to prepare, above all other treats, is tarte tatin. The butter melts on the glass. She drops the grains of brown sugar into it, in the silence of a fine, icy rain. Its scent swirls around the room, echoes to the veranda, travels to the path. Cooked apples and cinnamon sticks fade to exhales of puff pastry. Then come the caramel, almonds and vanilla which, powerful, will persist until the evening. Daughter of Antoine, Jany carries the scent of his recipes, his cakes, his madeleines and his biscuits. Unprecedented in a childhood pastry, Jany delivers the souvenir aromas of all our unforgettable delicacies. To your emotions.

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