Explore olfactory narratives at NOTES DE BAS DE PAJE

Inspired by the richness of footnotes in literature, the fragrance house captures the essence of moments and memories, transforming them into scents that reveal far more than the fragrance itself. Like a marginal note that enriches the understanding of a text, these fragrances offer a unique depth and perspective on life and its countless nuances.

The essence and philosophy of the NOTES DE BAS DE PAJE perfume house

Immerse yourself in the world of NOTES DE BAS DE PAJE, where each fragrance is conceived as an olfactory literary work. Each fragrance is a narrative, a story captured in the bottle, reflecting precious moments and enduring memories. They are the footnotes to your own story, enriching your daily life with profound details and emotions. Fragrances are bridges between past and present, memories and dreams, each olfactory note evoking a specific facet of your story.

NOTES DE BAS DE PAJE, an exclusive signature collection

At NOTES DE BAS DE PAJE, you'll find a signature collection that embodies the quintessence of perfumery, where each fragrance tells a unique story and offers an immersive experience. These fragrances are olfactory journeys, designed to awaken the senses and evoke memories, places and intense emotions.