Collection: Memo

Memo Paris: A olfactory journey unveiled

Embark on an olfactory odyssey with Memo Paris, a beacon of niche perfumery centered around travel and exploration. Since 2007, the house has envisioned fragrances inspired by the world's most magical and exotic destinations, utilizing premium natural ingredients. The result is a unique olfactory map, a collection of exceptional perfumes that beckon discovery and escape.

The origin of Memo Paris

Founded by Clara Molloy and her husband John, Memo Paris emerged from their shared passion for travel and perfumes. Clara, a Parisian poet of Catalan origin, and John, an Irish globetrotter, aimed to create a brand reflective of their audacity, creativity, and inspiration. Since then, they continuously traverse the globe to unearth the rarest and most precious ingredients, elevating them in their olfactory creations.

The art of perfumery at Memo Paris

At Memo Paris, the art of perfumery thrives on patience, exactitude, and creativity. The house's perfumers enjoy complete creative freedom, allowing them to express their uniqueness and personality fully. Compositions are always crafted with the finest natural ingredients, with no bounds in choice or quality.

Memo fragrances boast a distinct personality that unfolds on the skin, exhibiting remarkable longevity and a beautiful evolution over time.

A journey at the heart of niche perfumery

With Memo Paris, the essence of niche perfumery lies in the heart of the journey. The house invites exploration of new scents, new horizons, crafting unique and exceptional fragrances. Through its iconic collections, superior natural ingredients, and boundless creativity, Memo Paris stands as one of the most prestigious and respected houses in niche perfumery.