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Nom Parfum

Crazy Jasmine A memory of India, where the scent of sambac jasmine persists, both rich and airy, and the creamier scents of sandalwood, guided the composition of Madurai. A perfume where citrus notes and turmeric also vibrate, like the stall of a multicolored market.About the bottle: The plate of Madurai is inspired by the hypnotic motifs that can be found on the ceiling of the temple.The A word from the perfumer: “I created Madurai thinking about a wonderful trip to South India a few years ago. I remember one morning I was sitting on a small terrace drinking tea. All my senses were alert. In the hot air, I heard the intoxicating scent of the flower sellers, the power of the spices and the sweetness of the mangoes on the stall…. Mixed in was the rich and airy sambac jasmine of the offering necklaces like the creamy scent of sandalwood around the temples. » / Gaël Montero Turmeric essence, Sambac Jasmine, Peach AbsoluteItalian bergamot essence, clary sage essence, Indian tuberose absolute, Egyptian jasmine absolute, Madagascar tagete essence, Australian sandalwood essence, Sweden accord

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