Collection: KINETIC

KINETIC PERFUMES BARCELONA, niche fragrances inspired by kinetic art

At KINETIC PERFUMES BARCELONA, each fragrance is designed to capture and express a unique dynamic between emotion and movement, reflecting the philosophy of kinetics applied to perfumery. Discover how a passion for perfumery is transformed into exceptional olfactory creations.

Discover the expertise of renowned perfumers through signature collections

Manufactured in Barcelona, Kinetic Perfumes fragrances are the result of the expertise of renowned perfumers and the use of the finest ingredients, guaranteeing a luxurious olfactory experience. Chris Maurice, Mark Buxton and Miguel Matos are the artisans behind the brand's iconic fragrances. Their passion for the art of perfumery and devotion to excellence are reflected in every creation.

Explore the essence of KINETIC PERFUMES

Through unique fragrances, KINETIC PERFUMES BARCELONA offers an immersion in the art of perfumery, where each scent is a tribute to the richness of human emotions. Each note is carefully chosen to create fragrances that are not just aromas, but expressions of moments and memories.