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Nom Parfum

KAYU is a soft, cashmere darkness. Airy and pure at first, the fragrance slowly reveals itself with notes of rosemary and mandarin, descending gently towards mellow notes of vanilla. Its dual nature: soft and dry, soft and rough, is intertwined throughout the story that the perfume unfolds. The woody heart of KAYU opens with balsamic and round guaiac wood. Just behind, the warm murmur of Omani incense announces the approach of the wave of darkness. When you close your eyes, you will feel the notes of impenetrable, tangy, slightly bituminous agarwood envelop you - this is our unique blend of Trat Thai and Udomsai oud oils. We challenged it with an intense burst of almond paste sweetness, lent to the scent by tonka beans and powdery musk. Surprising, euphoric, close to bass. KAYU, darkness shines brighter than light. KAYU means “wood” in Indonesian. Blending dry and earthy notes, it pays homage to the land of the world's most precious oud, Thailand and Laos. An ode to the woods, sprinkled with powdery sweetness. Perfumer: Chris Maurice (Christian Carbonnel) TOP NOTES: rosemary, Italian mandarin, vanilla HEART NOTES: guaiac wood, Virginia cedar, Omani incense BASE NOTES: oud natural blend Trat Thai & Udomsai Laos, tonka bean, musk, powdery notes

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