Collection: Kilian

KILIAN Paris - A decade of distinctive fragrance craftsmanship

Embark on a fragrant journey with KILIAN Paris, founded over a decade ago in 2007 by Kilian Hennessy. The brand's inception featured ten fragrances exploring the tensions between love and its forbidden nature, light and darkness, sin and innocence. These dualities continue to shape the creations, aesthetics, and narratives of KILIAN.

Exploring tensions through fragrance

KILIAN Paris, born from the vision of Kilian Hennessy, emerged with a collection of ten fragrances that delve into the intricate tensions within themes such as love and its forbidden aspects, the interplay of light and darkness, and the dichotomy of sin and innocence. These dualities remain central to the brand's ongoing creations, defining the unique aesthetics and compelling narratives woven into each KILIAN fragrance.