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Nom Parfum

Originally, coffee was drunk as dark as night, hot as hell, sweet as love. It is said that the word "coffee" comes from Arabic and means "the one who is black". “The Black One” could be the name of this pirate ship which, for centuries, has silently haunted the seas of the globe: in a dead silence disturbed only by the strange clanking of invisible sands crossing on its decks, he advances without a breath of air with his tattered sails full of perfumes and his Black Phantom "Memento Mori" is a tribute to the pirates' motto "remember that you are going to die" as well as to their favorite drink: the black coffee washed down with rum. This fragrance reveals notes of rum and cyanide. The strong notes of coffee in the heart are balanced with the essence of vetiver, then blend into the essence of sandalwood and cane sugar in the background.

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