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VETIVERPOR MEN “The King of Fragrances” CYPRUS - Warm & DryFresh, & Spicy ““There is no perfume like Vetiver: it has an earthy, smoky and leathery scent all at the same time, all in perfect balance. Sophisticated and incredibly flexible, the wearer is confident and self-assured, making their presence known wherever they are. Vibrant citrus notes create a crisp freshness around the dry warmth of vetiver, while scents of cedar needles, cedarwood and oakmoss add warmth and complexity. Everyone wants to stand by him. This is exactly what a modern man should smell like. Whoever wears Vetiver does not provoke envy, but adoration.” - Roja Dove Top Notes: Lemon, Bergamot, Litsea Cubeba Heart Notes: May Rose, Cistus, Jasmine Base Notes: Galbanum, Celery Seed, Pink Pepper, Caraway, Nutmeg, Pepper, Oakmoss, Vetiver, Cedar , Cedar, Guaiac Wood, Amyris, Labdanum “Vetiver, a warm, dry, fresh and spicy chypre fragrance, which converges around the smoky and voluptuous scents of vetiver, refreshed by green and citrus notes. The vitality of bergamot, lemon and lemongrass is amplified by a spicy blend of pepper, pink pepper, nutmeg and caraway. An original note of celery seed and galbanum adds further freshness to the warm and smoky central theme developed around vetiver. The whole thing rests on a pleasant base of guaiac wood and amyris, softened by rose and jasmine. The scents of needles and cedar wood are highlighted by the dry scents of oak moss, sensual cistus with accents of leather and labdanum which perfectly complete this perfume, chypre par excellence.”

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