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Nom Parfum

The frail glow of the waning moon fades until only impenetrable darkness persists across the grasslands. A herd of deer ventures timidly into the open space. Although their long necks dive to feed, their delicate legs remain outstretched, ready to flee. Nearby, bright golden eyes pierce the darkness, and silky ears stiffen, listening for the gentlest tremor. The tiger advances hesitantly, focused on its prey, anticipating a moment of vulnerability. In one continuous motion, it jumps and descends on its victim, its razor-sharp fangs sinking deep into the deer's throat. As the deer's life fades, his herd is already gone, evaporating into the night.Like the thrill inspired by a low, rumbling growl cutting through the silence, Zoologist Tiger combines danger and majesty. The earthy body of vetiver is licked with stripes of kumquat, saffron and jasmine in an elegant pattern. Incense lurks around the edges, enveloped by smoky nuances of papyrus and ebony. Tiger arouses intrigue, putting those around you on alert.

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