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Majestic Jardin is one of six sophisticated fragrances in the Art Deco collection, launched in 2020 to celebrate 100 years of the predominant decorative art style of the 1920s – a style of visual arts, architecture and design. Alexandre J takes up his favorite style with his sumptuous designs, the most beautiful raw materials and bright colors. Majestic Jardin Eau de Parfum comes in a sophisticated 100 ml red bottle. Alexandre J is known for his passion for art and culture and his constant desire for new sensations. Majestic Jardin is the result of his journey through the Orient and Asia. Carried by the perpetual novelty of the time, socialites discovered with pleasure the exoticism coming from the Orient and Asia. Endless parties take place in gardens lined with cedars, where cherry trees fly in the smoke of hookahs. Majestic Jardin is an oriental fragrance with spicy touches that takes you on a journey through the mixture of almonds, the richness of cherry, black pepper and the warm envelope of vanilla. The primary packaging of the Art Deco collection is exceptional and exciting thanks to a spectacular design and its vibrant colors. Majestic Jardin comes in an openwork mesh bottle. It recalls the veil worn as a sign of respect by women of higher rank in ancient times. The red hood with its curved lines is reminiscent of art deco style furniture; The geometric patterns offset the artistic decoration of the arabesques. The secondary packaging consists of an accessorized red silk box. In the foreground, Majestic Jardin brings you a spicy and floral tone. The sophisticated scent charms us from the start with notes of almond, joined by the richness of cherry and hints of black pepper. Vanilla, Virginia Cedar and Patchouli propel you into a sumptuous scent that resides on your skin all day. Top notes: Almond, Bigarade The top notes of Majestic Jardin are made up of warm almond notes. The bitter notes add an interesting side to this fresh blend. Heart notes: Cherry blossom, Cherry, Black pepper The presence of cherry in the heart notes of Majestic Jardin gives you the aroma of cherry cocktails and a soft and silky touch. The spicy hint of black pepper blends beautifully with the other notes and brings a fresh, woody tone to this fragrance. Base notes: Vanilla, Virginia Cedarwood, Patchouli, Hookah The base notes consist of vanilla and Virginia cedarwood. The intensity of Patchouli is enhanced by the smokiness of Hookah; subtle blend of cinnamon and tobacco. The hookah which was very present in garden parties of the 1920s. The clever mixture becomes addictive and complex.

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