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Nom Parfum

An explosion of vitality and energy that embodies the Hawaiian Sun. Surfers, massive waves, tanned skin and the feeling of freedom you breathe on the beautiful beaches of Oahu. A taste of Hawaii that celebrates the local symbol fruit by creating a unique and special flavor, the delicious Excel Mango by Makaha. The fresh lime opening lifts the vibrant, ripe mango pulp enriched with notes of guava and transparent scents of coconut water. Aloha! Aloha is a state of mind, the life expression of one who is in harmony with the world and channels positive vibrations into a peaceful and inclusive feeling. “Being part of everything and everything is part of me.” Aloha is the anthem of the sun, the most intense explosion of life and freedom. The sun shines on the waves of a warm sunset surrounding the landscape. Surfers dominate the waves, pushed by the wind on their surfboards, contemplating this unlimited freedom. A freedom that crosses the waves in search of infinity. Welcome to Hawaii. FRAGRANCE Fruity / Musky KEY NOTES Lime, mango pulp, guava, coconut water, hibiscus, white sandalwood

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