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Nom Parfum

Solstis is the time of a midsummer night's dream - it's the one where they wear masks and run through the fields changing lovers. It's witchy and magical, in a warm, Eyes Wide Shut way. Summer and winter, our magical Solstis is the ultimate accessory for lovers. A fragrance for all seasons, Solstis is the story of the intimate relationship between the two annual solstices of the sun. It speaks of an unbreakable yet transformational bond in the form of a powerful, aromatic scent. Opening with citrus notes of mandarin and bergamot, this elegant fragrance evokes sensual summers of love and adoration. A hint of spicy pink pepper mixed with fruity vibes gives a rosy, romantic undertone. The heart notes herald the end of summer with earthy spices and pungent white flowers intertwining like lovers and giving way to autumnal nutmeg, neroli and cardamom. The romance endures as Japanese vetiver mimics the intense aroma of fertile woods after a tropical downpour. Delicate milky green notes are delivered by sensual sandalwood and a hint of vanilla as this couple heads into winter, united in passion and stronger in unity.

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