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Nom Parfum

thick carpet of silver envelops the landscape, untouched except for the dazzling reflection of the sun. The snow stretches as far as the eye can see, while a harsh wind rolls silently across the sky, its silence barely broken by the powerful beat of an ivory wing. Despite the calm of the Arctic, the snowy owl senses floating beneath the icy crust far below. Through the snowy tunnels, voles scamper, oblivious to their fate. A warm glow stirs in the majestic bird's chest as it dives, confident in its mastery of the icy realm. The Zoologist Snowy Owl glides with a minty opening, while the gentle warmth of musk combines with beautiful notes of snowdrops, lily of the valley and iris. Sweet coconut and woody vanilla come in to surprise and seduce. Snowy Owl fuses fresh vitality with exquisite sweetness in a captivating scent, ideal for those who aren't afraid to take what they desire.

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