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Nom Parfum

The icy, dry, pungent smell of ice trapped in an omnipresent and invigorating scent that evokes the lost ice kingdom of the far north. Spices and icy citrus fruits are deposited on a mantle of frosty and sharp woods releasing a powerful and unstoppable perfume like a glacial storm which crystallizes the northern landscapes of Niflheim; primordial birthplace of the elemental force of ice. The cold freezes memories, suspends feelings and preserves all temporal traces by crystallizing time. Ice traps color marble shapes that glow silver. Turquoise surfaces that seal thoughts and stories through the ages, layer after layer. From somewhere in the far north, stories still come from those who search for Niflheim, inspired by Norse legends of the Ice Kingdom, the origin of all. Dry, sidereal wind that shapes frozen landscapes by sharpening adamantine architecture. Crystalline shards, pure and sharp like swords. Frost covering the rocks, negative breeze. I entered an ice cave, a place of stasis and portal to sleeping worlds, lost in the cold. A place to discover, shrouded in secrets and myths that have covered its tracks under snow and storms. SCENT Fougère / Woody KEY NOTES Ice crystals, cold molecules, frozen wood

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