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Nom Parfum

Soft sunlight travels through foamy turquoise waves, sending rippling halos onto the coral below. At the bottom of the lagoon, anemone and algae sway in unison, limbs pumping to the rhythm of the current. Hovering among the coral branches, a group of seahorses look on shyly. The throbbing beat calls them and two pairs, their tails entwined in a delicate waltz. Soon their passion fades, but the memory of the dance endures. Because the male seahorse's pouch tenderly cradles a precious clutch of eggs. Seahorse zoologist invites you to explore a vibrant coral garden. This unisex perfume subverts expectations. With verses as surprising as tuberose and seaweed, sage and neroli, fennel and vetiver, this delicious melody will sweep you away in a wave of joy and abandon.

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