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Nom Parfum

Reckless Pour Femme Essence de Parfum embodies the essence of a woman who fearlessly follows her heart and takes risks to achieve her desires. She exudes an air of carefree confidence, never careless in her pursuit of joy and indulgence. The scent captivates with a vibrant burst of citrus, as bergamot, mandarin and orange intertwine to create a lively and invigorating aura. A playful blend of spices adds a touch of excitement, while the exquisite notes of May Rose and Neroli form a sweet and harmonious duo, further enhanced by the tantalizing essence of Benzoin and Vanilla. As the scent settles on the skin, it reveals a rich, velvety sandalwood base that adds depth and warmth to the overall composition. In the world of Reckless Pour Femme Essence de Parfum, there is no excuse for adopting a playful spirit. This perfume invites you to surrender to its charm and let yourself be transported to where you want to be. With her vibrant and energetic character, it encapsulates the essence of a woman who dares to shake up conventions, creating her own rules of happiness and indulgence. The delicious combination of citrus, spice and floral notes brings a sense of joy and excitement, while the creamy and comforting layers of benzoin, vanilla and sandalwood provide a luxurious and seductive quality. Reckless Pour Femme Essence de Parfum is the olfactory embodiment of a woman who fearlessly follows her heart, unabashedly delighting in the pleasures of life. Top notes: Bergamot, Mandarin, Orange. Heart notes: Geranium, May Rose, Neroli, Grasse Jasmine. Base notes: Coriander, Pink pepper, Cinnamon, Sandalwood, Benzoin, Vanilla, Styrax, Musk. Perfumer: Roja Dove.

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