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Nom Parfum

Prima Donna by Sospiro is a fragrance that captures the essence of theater, boldly blending the sweetness of fruit and the romantic bloom of jasmine and rose, to open the curtain on a stage rich in emotion and elegance. The introduction is an invitation to discovery, promising a captivating adventure at the heart of theatrical passion. The development of this fragrance reveals a fascinating contrast between the richness of leather and the sweetness of milk, punctuated by the freshness of lily of the valley and herbaceous notes, evoking the complexity and grace of a Prima Donna. The base of the fragrance consists of deep, sensual accords of musk, amber and chocolate, with the robustness of cedar and a resinous touch, providing an opulent and memorable finale. Prima Donna is an olfactory symphony that celebrates the beauty of dramatic expression, enveloping the wearer in an aura of sensuality and emotion, ready to capture hearts on the stage of life. Olfactory Notes: Top Notes: Cherry, Fruity Notes, Jasmine, Rose - An exquisite and sweet opening. Heart Notes: Lily of the Valley, Leather, Herbaceous Notes, Milk - A contrasting heart between sensuality and sweetness. Base Notes: Musk, Amber, Chocolate, Cedar - A rich and sensual base. Prima Donna is more than a perfume; it is an expression of art, a call to live with passion and intensity. Wear this fragrance to embody the grace, drama, and passion of a true Prima Donna, leaving behind an unforgettable impression that resonates like the climax of a masterful stage performance.

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