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Nom Parfum

Return to childhood and lightness. A fun fragrance that recreates the atmosphere of the Santa Monica amusement park of the same name through its sweet gourmand notes. The smell of candied fruit and caramel embraces the freshness of mandarin and pear; a delicious breeze blowing between the carousels. The smells of candied fruit, caramel and pancakes invade Ocean Avenue and lure us towards the carousels on the docks. You smile like the child you were fifteen years ago and you look like me this afternoon at Luna Park. Return to childhood, regression towards innocence in this sunny month of July in Santa Monica where we feel like children another day and have fun without thinking about tomorrow. We drink a fruit sorbet and keep our eyes fixed on other pleasures. Here our vacation begins. Memories, rediscovered sensations of a light childhood which accompanies me with you on each carousel of this pier and it projects in my mind fragments of a child that I had forgotten. A child who played carefree and ate candy. It's a film far from the present but now it seems so current. I abandon myself to this past film which enchants me and gently carries me away. Gourmet PERFUME ESSENTIAL NOTES Mandarin, Pear, Caramel, Candied fruits, Vanilla

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