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Nom Parfum

Violent winter winds blow through the Siberian forest. The tall trees long for the return of summer, however short it may be. But at the base of several bare trunks, invisible love notes call for a future companion. Scent missives are secretions left by male musk deer. Long fangs give the male a demonic appearance, but they also play a role in the mating ritual - weapons in the fight with rivals for the love of a doe. The dream of a companion sustains the solitary musk deer as it searches for remnants of lichen and moss among the cold, barren roots. For centuries, musk deer have been hunted to near extinction, coveted for their fragrant musky pods. The zoologist respects this majestic creature, masterfully recreating the distinctive scent through a blend of synthetic musks and natural oud and flowers. The result evokes the animal desire of a vigorous musk deer amid the alluring cold of a winter forest, all captured without the slightest threat.

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