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Nom Parfum

Hymn to summer and its colors. A sunset party in Malibu Bay, sipping a long drink and letting yourself be overwhelmed by the music. The scent recreates the smell of a carefully blended Coconut Daiquiri; the icy opening of lime is an awakening of the senses which meets the sweetness of a refined coconut rum. Every moment I'm by your side is life. Club music fills the Bay of Happiness, a melody of the senses that lights up as the sun falls over the sea and rises beneath our skin in the sway of the sunset. The alcohol flows, the wind blows and the waves crash on the sand to return to this immense sea in another form; summer notes that I want to listen to until dawn. I feel the sun come to life on my skin and awaken my soul. Under this summer heat we bring our smiles, the looks of our being which vibrate from us. Maybe it's the desire for summer, maybe it's the miles traveled, but it seems like a perfect time when you can be happy without asking too many questions. What are we waiting for ? Let's go to the beach club and join the party. People talk about how memorable Malibu sunsets are, so let's etch that piece of life between the setting sky and the volume of the music. SCENT Citrus / Gourmet KEY NOTES Lime, Coconut, Sugar, Rum

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