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Nom Parfum

Means believing in Esperanto. It's no secret that humans are social creatures with beliefs that are, literally, all over the map. What was not known is how these beliefs are influenced by our social interactions. Beliefs are the assumptions we hold to be true. They come from lived experiences. As human beings, our values and beliefs affect the quality of our lives, our work and our relationships. Since what we believe is what we experience, we tend to think that our beliefs are based in reality. In fact, it is our beliefs that shape our experiences. The beliefs we hold are a critical and essential part of our identity. They can be religious, moral or cultural; but they are part of us and reflect who we are. With this fragrance, NISHANE wants to describe how beliefs have shaped human life and how these various beliefs interact and oppose each other throughout history. TOP NOTES pink pepper - cardamom HEART NOTES osmanthus absoluteBASE NOTES oud accord - sandalwood - suede Parfum Extract 100 ml ? 3.4 FL.OZ. SPRAY

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