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Nom Parfum

Kajal IV is a celebration of nomadic exoticism, echoing the wild nature of the African savannah. The warm embrace of the Sahara breeze, the intoxicating lure of adventure. Endless grains of sand form an undulating golden panorama, vast and wild, blending harmoniously into spectacular and luminous skies. Sun-kissed skin shimmers, evoking the celestial stars that will soon emerge. The gentle caress of a sulphurous and aromatic breeze sums up the exhilaration of adventure. Our footprints may be a momentary reminder of our presence, but the memories we create are eternal. On a spiritual level, four represents calm and balance, the stability of feeling connected to the present moment. It also symbolizes the entire universe, four elements, four seasons, four cardinal points, which connect us all. Made in France Olfactory family: leather, woody Top notes: Cardamom, Blackcurrant, Davana, Rum Heart notes: Leather, Flowers Palm, JasmineBase notes: Date, Wood, Musk, VanillaNew with designer packagingTranslated with (free version)

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