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Iris Violet is a magnificent perfume from “The Collector” collection. “The Collector” perfumes are a perfect blend of the oriental desert and French baroque architecture. Alexandre J introduces 10 perfumes under “The Collector” collection which evokes a timeless journey, warm elements and the change of landscapes. It takes you on a magical journey beyond your imagination. The fragrances are sensual and sophisticated. “The Collector” collection is an invitation to a journey of body and mind. Thinking off the beaten track, Iris Violet offers a young and fresh version of the iris. A nod to the symbol of the kings of France, Iris Violet would be the exhilarating jewel of modern times. Iris Violet comes in a precious, accessorized metallic purple bottle in 100 ml format, like a precious treasure inspired by the kings of France. The outer box is painted with iris and the bottle is once again presented in a case. Purple is the color of joy and self-confidence! Iris Violet, is the fruity and floral perfume for every woman who believes in her dreams!! From the first notes, the tangy freshness of exotic fruits electrifies a delicious crunchy apple. Then the Iris appears, bright, joyful and colorful. Notes of rose and jasmine then fade into a seductive accord of cashmere wood and white vanilla musk. Top notes: Exotic fruits, Italian Bergamot, Apple Exotic fruits, Italian bergamot and apple present in the top notes give a touch of freshness and sweetness to Iris Violet. Heart notes: Fresh Rose, Tender Jasmine, Iris The heart notes contain rose, jasmine and iris which give a magical side to this perfume. They also bring a touch of elegance. Base notes: Cashmere Wood, Virginia Cedar, White Musk, Olibanum, Patchouli, Benzoin, Vanilla The seductive accord of Cashmere blends wonderfully well with the other base notes and makes Iris Violet a balanced and magical fragrance .

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