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Nom Parfum

An ethereal fragrance with lasting mystical power, Elixir is a spell of ingredients that transcends perfumery. Suspended in a jewel-encrusted bottle, just one drop is enough to release the magic of this precious amulet. Sensual notes of vanilla, amber and musk settle close to the skin while bright notes of rose, raspberry and peach create a weightless aura. Surrounded by this illuminating scent, an otherworldly experience unfolds: the sky becomes bluer, the flowers seem brighter. By feeling flawless when you walk, Elixir gives you the confidence to light up a room and enchant everyone. Like a perfume witch, you become impossible to forget by becoming the most radiant of all. “When I create a perfume, I often like to start with a name. When “Elixir” came to me, I knew it had to feel like it had magical powers. That she could transform the everyday into something extraordinary. I wanted to weave the ingredients together to have the uncanny ability to feel both omnipresent and completely invisible… Like a lingering spell in the air. To achieve this, I mixed the notes so that the freshness of fruits and flowers radiated outwards while remaining connected to the skin via the depth and sensuality of cedarwood, sandalwood and vanilla. . The result is a fragrance with an innate foundation and confidence - like the command of a great witch - but it moves through the world with a lively and effervescent manner. The power of the Elixir lies in how it creates a magical aura that surrounds the woman who wears it. » - ROJA DOVE. Top notes: Bergamot Heart notes: Lily of the valley, Geranium, May rose, Grasse jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Heliotrope, Violet, Raspberry, Peach Base notes: Violet leaves, cinnamon, cedarwood, sandalwood, vanilla , iris-sur-cedar, iris, ambrette, musk

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