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Nom Parfum

Giant lotus pads part to make way for buds that pierce the surface of the jade-green pond. They raise their faces to the sun, their delicate scent wafting around them. In the shade of the flowers, tiny dragonfly nymphs also emerge from the shallows. They spread their fragile wings and shyly take flight, ready to explore a world beyond the water. The glistening pools of nearby golden rice fields call to dragonflies. Their long, trembling bodies flutter over cascading terraces to rest on swaying stems, sparkling with sunlight captured in droplets on iridescent wings. Like a lotus unfurling its petals, Zoologist Dragonfly opens with a rush of magnificent flowers aquatic. Notes of rice, powdery iris and mimosa diffuse in a shroud of lush greenery, under the intimate aroma of an impending summer shower. Dragonfly encapsulates the richness and romance of Impressionism, a canvas of flowers under a watery veil.

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