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Deep Ocean Amber, a majestic fragrance from Sospiro that invites you to explore the unfathomable mysteries of the ocean. This perfume is an ode to underwater adventure, where the impetuous energy of the waves combines with the enveloping warmth of amber to create a rich and deep olfactory experience, evoking a mysterious underwater world. and fascinating. From the first scent, Deep Ocean Amber welcomes you with the spicy freshness of elemi, evoking the salty and invigorating breeze of the sea. Ambrette seed, with its musky and sweet nuance, brings an intriguing complexity, laying the foundations of an unforgettable sensory journey. At the heart of this olfactory journey, a harmonious blend of violet and styrax reveals the hidden treasures of the ocean. The floral delicacy of violet intertwines with the resinous richness of styrax, reflecting the wonders buried beneath the waves and the mysteries of the abyss. The composition reaches its peak with base notes where ambergris, treasure of the sea depths, imbues the perfume with a unique marine aura. Benzoin and labdanum envelop these notes in a warm, sweet embrace, providing a sensual, lingering finish that evokes the softness and power of the ocean. Olfactory Notes: Top Notes: Ambrette Seed, Elemi - A spicy opening with a musky touch. Heart Notes: Violet, Styrax - A floral and resinous heart, evoking the hidden treasures of the ocean. Base Notes: Benzoin, Labdanum, Ambergris - A warm and deep base, reflecting the majesty of the marine abyss. Deep Ocean Amber is an invitation to discover the mysterious call of the depths, a fragrance that seduces and intrigues, capturing the essence of the deep sea in an enchanting and timeless trail. Wear this fragrance to evoke a magnetic seduction, awakening a desire for exploration and adventure into the mystical abysses of your soul.

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