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Nom Parfum

Contralto, a bold and captivating fragrance from Sospiro, celebrates inner strength and emotional depth through an olfactory symphony that perfectly balances energy and warmth, radiance and mystery. Inspired by the rich and powerful timbre of the contralto voice, this fragrance embodies a captivating duality, reflecting the complexity and resilience of the feminine spirit. From the opening, Contralto welcomes you with a spicy and floral harmony where pink pepper and cloves intertwine with the luminosity of orange blossom. This bold introduction establishes a refined balance, inviting exploration of deeper layers. The heart of the perfume beats to the rhythm of an aromatic blend of smoked chestnut, guaiac wood and juniper berries, creating an ambiance that is at once woody, balsamic and slightly smoky. This combination evokes a comforting autumn evening, full of promise and warmth. The base notes reveal a rich and enveloping base, where the sweetness of vanilla blends with the velvety texture of cashmere wood and Peruvian balsam. This majestic, powdery base offers a feeling of soft embrace, highlighting a musky and deeply sensual finish. Olfactory Notes: Top Notes: Clove, Pink Pepper, Orange Blossom - A spicy and luminous opening. Heart Notes: Chestnut, Guaiac Wood, Juniper Berries - A beating, aromatic and comforting heart. Base Notes: Vanilla, Peruvian Balsam, Cashmere Wood - A rich, velvety and enveloping base. Contralto is an invitation to defy expectations, embrace your individuality and celebrate your uniqueness with confidence. Like the deep melody sung by a powerful voice, this fragrance resonates with palpable emotion, providing an olfactory experience that leaves an unforgettable impression. Wear Contralto to reveal and honor your inner strength, elegance and resilience.

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