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Fragrance Passion



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Nom Parfum

Australian spring is arriving, bringing dazzling dresses of yellow flowers to dress the bare golden acacia trees. Clouds with a sweet honeyed scent, caught by the breeze, carry an invitation inland, where a flock of cockatiels happily takes up the party. Emerging from dusty nests, the birds are ready to preen and prance. On a shaky scene of branches, lively crests vibrate to the rhythm of their joyful songs. After a final recall, the flock takes flight. Descending into a nearby field, they share a delicious brunch, buzzing with the thrill of their breathtaking recital. Zoologist Cockatiel exudes joy. A sunny burst of yellow acacia offers a warm welcome. Dots of raspberry and tart rhubarb suggest a hint of mischief, like a pair of rosy cheeks beneath a golden plume. Finally, gentle notes of musk and vanilla envelop the vibrant Cockatiel, like downy feathers cushioning the boldness of this cheeky bird.Zoologist Cockatiel was once known as "Powder and Dust", a fragrance created by Sven Pritzkoleit, published under its own brand, SP Parfums. The creative director of the perfume was Yana Lysenko. This perfume won the Arts and Olfaction Awards 2019 in the Artisan category. In 2020, Sven closed his perfume business and sold the Powder and Dust formula to Zoologist to continue his legacy.

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