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Nom Parfum

selection of the world's finest woods recreates the evocative atmosphere of the Middle East expressing the Dubai night. The magnificence of Oud vibrates in the extraordinary presence of sandalwood and ebony which give it a silky and elegant texture. Moroccan Rose is nuanced in woody notes making Camouflage as intriguing and mysterious as the night. Amid childhood memories and ancient Arab scents, I find refuge in thoughts, leading me to my heart which speaks to me and tells Who I was. Then, among the murky reflections and past reminiscences, I see a light that filters me and warms me. Here, my journey resumes and my path continues through the streets of Dubai and the ways of my being. Night falls, my room remains dark and I dress with memories that guide my steps on the roads of Dubai. Gloom's face on me. Mine the face, mine this mask of odors, extract of thoughts which opens the door to my interior archives. In my stopping, I do not stop; I observe and I search; Me, nomadic citizen of my wandering, wandering trace of distant destinations. Cities and deserts, palaces and sand, the smoke lifts and delights my memories of incense that bring my childhood back to the street of this Middle Eastern market. Inflamed by the heat of these fading photographs, I linger suspended in the past and I abandon myself to the evening voice, an expected reflex which has chosen to take me so far from home, to bring me closer to My heart. FRAGRANCE Woody KEY NOTES Oud, Moroccan Rose, Sandalwood, Ebony

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