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Nom Parfum

When hiking through an unforgiving desert, starting point and destination are indistinguishable from one another. The terracotta-hued dunes twist and twist, their shapes constantly changing. Only the merciless sun and distant constellations can be trusted to lead the way. Weighted down with treasures – some attracting the eyes with their shimmering shine, others enticing the taste buds with exotic aromas – the camel journeys towards a distant market. For now, the water is just a dream, the taste of sweet dates a distant memory. There is nothing but an endless ocean of sand.In Zoologist Camel, beautiful aromas of rose and succulent jasmine-infused dried fruits are joined along the way by a seductive blend of incense, myrrh, amber and cinnamon. Soon met by animalic musks and authentic oud, they envelop you in a rich tapestry. This sensual caravan of perfumes takes you to accompany the camel on its long, solitary journey through the ageless desert.

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