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Nom Parfum

The spring day seems calm and peaceful. Yet beneath the wildly splashed canvas of a flower-studded meadow, thousands embark on a desperate race for survival. Worker bees work at a breakneck pace, carrying precious cargo of nectar and pollen to be deposited in cramped honeycomb cells, where they will feed drones and larvae under the eye of a royal queen. In the claustrophobic hive, a deafening buzz offers proof of the bees' dedication to duty, not a single worker stopping to question their role in the queen's perpetual life. As the bee's frantic stampede through a multi-faceted scent maze, Zoologist Bee offers a surreal experience. The rich aroma of honey captivates, while alluring flowers, royal jelly, animal beeswax and royal incense come together to create a buzz, delivering excitement and the sweet rewards of life.

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