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Designed by renowned perfumer Christian Provenzano, Afgano Puro is an invitation to a sensory journey to mystical lands, where adventure blends with refinement. This iconic fragrance from the house of Sospiro is a celebration of the spirit of exploration, capturing the essence of unknown territories in a fragrance of incomparable sophistication. From the opening, Afgano Puro awakens your senses with an intoxicating blend of herbaceous notes, like aromatic plants caressed by the sun. This vibrant entrance sets the stage for an unprecedented olfactory experience, inviting you to delve into the depths of mystical landscapes. The heart of the fragrance reveals a harmonious marriage of earthy patchouli and woody cedar, evoking the serenity of ancestral forests and the majesty of the mountains. These central notes intertwine to create a sense of richness and depth, reflecting the complexity of natural landscapes. The conclusion of this olfactory journey is a symphony of seduction and warmth. Tobacco adds a dark, captivating intensity, while musk envelops the skin in palpable sensuality. Vanilla, with its sweet, velvety smoothness, provides a comforting finish, while echoes of a smoky jazz club add a touch of nostalgia and intense sensuality. Olfactory Notes: Top Notes: An invigorating bouquet of herbaceous notes. Heart Notes: Cedar and Patchouli, for a woody and rich impression. Base Notes: Vanilla, Tobacco, and Musk, offering a sweet and captivating finish with tangible sophistication. Afgano Puro is more than a perfume; it is a work of olfactory art that transcends time and space, a bewitching embrace of the soul of distant lands. Wear it to reveal your innate elegance and spirit of adventure, for a presence that will be remembered.

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