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20 / 20 Eau de Parfum

20 / 20 Eau de Parfum

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Description: 20 | 20 celebrates the golden age of the 1920s, the legendary era of glamour, excess and extravagant freedom - known around the world as ''The Rugaring 1920'' - the 'Golden Twenties' ". A sparkling fragrance, Feel Good' for a golden start to the 2020s: pure hippie patchouli is colder, the velvety freshness of rose and geranium is warmed by notes of noble wood.20I20 is the contemporary interpretation of the spirit of the 20s - glamor & extravagance reissued for the 2020s and generations of spicy patchouli and velvety softness was a sensation at the time. CHIC's original formula was determined through a complex process from archived original bottles from the 1920s and JF Blackless perfumer Véronique Nyberg (MANE) interpreted in a modern way. Notes: Heart note: Rose essence and benzoic resin Patchouli & Oriental Amberholz Base notes: Pink pepper Jungle Essence™ and Bourbon Geranium

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