Collection: Widian

Widian : The Essence Between Heritage and Exquisite Collections

In 2014, Ali Aljaberi founded Widian, a perfumery house based in Abu Dhabi. Immerse yourself in luxurious collections where each perfume is a celebration of olfactory art. These creations seamlessly blend the opulence of treasures from the Arabian desert with an ultra-modern style, reflecting a rich cultural heritage and avant-garde vision.

A Unique Olfactory Journey with Widian

Every Widian fragrance invites you on a memorable sensory journey, weaving enticing and enchanting aromas. Embark on an olfactory experience where trails of sensuality and serenity unveil the richness of the Middle East. Discover how our perfumes evoke emotions, memories, and landscapes, taking you on unprecedented adventures while remaining true to the brand's deep roots.

The Art and Philosophy of Perfumery According to Widian

Explore the art of perfumery according to Widian, a perfect balance between tradition and innovation. Encounter meticulously crafted perfumes that embody the harmony between the past and the present. Widian, meaning "valley" in Arabic, symbolizes the fusion of Middle Eastern cultural heritage with a contemporary spirit.