Collection: Trudon

Trudon: Illuminating history since 1643

A royal heritage of illumination

Founded by Claude Trudon in 1643, Maison Trudon swiftly became the Royal Wax Manufacturer. At the court, the glow of Cire Trudon candles danced on the walls of Versailles, illuminated the corridors of France, and was cherished from Louis XIV to Napoleon, gracing every grand church in the country. An heritage the brand proudly shares and renews today with immense pleasure.

Centuries-old candle craftsmanship secret

Since the 17th century, the candle makers at Cire Trudon have guarded a secret through the ages: that of wax with perfect combustion and remarkable diffusion. From pure cotton wicks to pure vegetable waxes, each candle is woven into history. In 2017, Cire Trudon introduced its inaugural fragrance collection.

Explore the luminous journey of Cire Trudon, where candles and fragrances intertwine to illuminate history with timeless craftsmanship.