Collection: Room 1015

ROOM1015 : A Fragrant Ode to Counter-Culture

Embark on a journey through the unique fragrance realm of ROOM1015, a brand founded by Michael Partouche, also known as "Dr. Mike"—a musician at heart and a pharmacist by training. Inspired by the infamous Room 1015, or ‘Riot House,’ at the Continental Hyatt Hotel, ROOM1015 captures the essence of freedom and rebellion from the 1970s. The perfumes from ROOM1015 narrate the story of an era marked by the wildness of rock, excess, and the spirit of absolute freedom.

ROOM1015 Collections: A Olfactory Manifesto

Immerse yourself in ROOM1015's collections, where each perfume serves as a symbol of rebellion. The fragrances blend notes of leather, patchouli, alcohol, and other echoes from the rock 'n' roll past. These olfactory creations pay homage to iconic moments and figures in rock, evoking nostalgic memories and limitless freedom.

The ROOM1015 Experience: Beyond the Senses

With ROOM1015, step into a world where perfume transcends mere fragrance—it becomes an expression of identity and rebellion. Each perfume provides an immersive experience, oscillating between punk movements and revolution. ROOM1015 isn't just a perfumery house; it's a journey through time and the soul of counter-culture.