Collection: Parfums de Marly

Passion and Elegance: Parfums de Marly's Olfactory Journey

Julien Sprecher, founder and creative director of Parfums de Marly, possesses an innate love for perfumery and history. Through Parfums de Marly, he expresses his passion for olfactory creation and the splendors of the 18th century, embodying a temporal duality that defines the brand's spirit: "a juxtaposition of the present and the past as coexisting and unexpected sources of inspiration."

Unique Olfactory Creations

Parfums de Marly presents an exceptional range of perfumes inspired by a deep appreciation for horses and the French nobility of the 18th century. Each fragrance is a unique creation, with olfactory notes that evoke a distinct universe. From the elegant Pegasus to the sensual Layton, and the captivating Herod, our perfumes are designed to enchant with their exceptional quality and distinctive character.

Excellence, Creativity, and Respect

At Parfums de Marly, we are committed to offering perfumes of excellence, creativity, and environmental responsibility. We work with the highest quality raw materials, paying meticulous attention to detail and creativity. Our dedication extends to eco-responsibility, limiting our environmental footprint, and supporting eco-solidarity projects.