Collection: Nasomatto

Nasomatto - A tale of niche fragrance mastery

Dive into the world of Nasomatto, an Italian niche perfumery founded in 2007 by the perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri. The name "Nasomatto" translates to "crazy nose" in Italian, perfectly encapsulating the brand's philosophy of crafting original and captivating fragrances.

Intense and provocative scents

Nasomatto fragrances stand out for their intensity and provocative character. Each scent is meticulously designed to evoke strong emotions and create enduring memories. The olfactory notes used in the compositions are often rare and exotic, providing Nasomatto perfumes with their distinctive signature.

Innovative creation process

Nasomatto's creation process is both innovative and experimental. The perfumes are crafted using pure and natural ingredients, devoid of synthetic chemicals. Alessandro Gualtieri employs advanced distillation techniques to extract the most intense and complex aromas from each ingredient.

Elegant and minimalist flacons

The perfume bottles from Nasomatto are as captivating as the fragrances they hold. They exude elegance and minimalism, featuring simple and refined shapes. The labels follow suit, with only the fragrance name printed in black letters against a white background.

Unveil the madness - Nasomatto, your captivating signature scent

For those seeking a captivating and original fragrance, Nasomatto stands as the brand of choice. Embrace the olfactory madness with Nasomatto's unique and daring scents.