Collection: Matiere Premiere

MATIERE PREMIERE - Elevating Natural Ingredients

Embark on a sensory journey with MATIERE PREMIERE fragrances, where each composition magnifies a central natural ingredient, employed in extreme concentrations.

Aurélien Guichard - The Perfumer Behind the Essence

Nestled between Paris and Grasse, Aurélien Guichard serves as the Founding Perfumer of the Maison. He unveils the unique texture and the most exquisite facets of each raw material, crafting contemporary, straightforward, and comprehensible compositions.

Commitment to Excellence in Quality

At MATIERE PREMIERE, a commitment to excellence reigns supreme. The finest natural ingredients are meticulously chosen worldwide, with a preference for ethical and organic supply chains.

Unrivaled Fragrance Trails and Emotional Imprints

The perfumes are meticulously composed to offer unparalleled sillage, an emotional footprint that lingers indefinitely. Every stage, from maturation to maceration, undergoes meticulous attention to ensure a distinctive quality.

Exceptional Natural Content and Ethical Choices

MATIERE PREMIERE perfumes boast an impressive 85% to 92% natural ingredient content. They proudly uphold vegan standards, free from phthalates and devoid of any artificial coloring.

Embark on a journey of olfactory excellence with MATIERE PREMIERE, where nature's finest is captured and celebrated in every exquisite fragrance.