Collection: Laboratorio Olfattivo

Laboratorio Olfattivo : Where Creativity Takes Center Stage

Embark on the aromatic journey that is Laboratorio Olfattivo, a narrative that commenced in 2009 fueled by the passion of Daniela Caon and Roberto Drago. This tale is embodied in an exceptional collection featuring 23 Eaux de Parfum, including notable fragrances such as Nerotic, Vanhera, Sacreste, and Nerosa. The collection also boasts jewels like Baliflora, Tuberosis, Tantrico, and Vetyverso, curated in the Masters' Collection by renowned perfumers Jean-Claude Ellena and Lucien Ferrero.

Captivating the Senses

Within Laboratorio Olfattivo, the birth of a new fragrance transcends marketing strategies; it stems from a genuine desire to narrate a story a tale of memory, journey, or emotion. The ability to encapsulate a universe of suggestions, an atmosphere, within a bottle renders "Laboratorio Olfattivo" perfumes invaluable works of art. Deliberately minimalistic, the packaging is simple yet refined, accentuating the quintessential element: the fragrance, whose quality never takes a back seat.

Laboratorio Olfattivo's Global Presence

Laboratorio Olfattivo has left its aromatic footprint in over 40 countries worldwide. In December 2015, the inaugural exclusive boutique opened its doors in Turin at via Mazzini 6, followed by a second boutique in 2019 located at via Giolitti 5.

A Unique Universe of Fragrance

At Laboratorio Olfattivo, each perfume is a story, every bottle an experience, and every moment an unforgettable olfactory journey. We invite you to explore a realm where creativity knows no bounds.