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House of Creed - Crafting Timeless Fragrances since 1760

Founded in 1760 by James Henry Creed, House of Creed is an ancient and high-end perfumery dedicated to creating unparalleled fragrances using exceptional ingredients. Quickly becoming the official supplier to the royal house, Creed has left an indelible mark on the world of perfumery.

The art of olfactory creation

Today, under the guidance of Olivier Creed, perfumer and direct descendant of the founder, House of Creed continues the tradition of crafting unique perfumes. Each fragrance is the result of meticulous research for the finest ingredients worldwide. Aventus, Rose de Bulgarie, jasmine from Italy, iris from Florence, and many other fragrances are carefully selected and blended according to secret recipes passed down through generations. Creed perfumes are crafted using artisanal methods, where each ingredient is weighed, mixed, and macerated by hand. This attention to detail and quality ensures exceptional olfactory creations, cherished by enthusiasts of niche perfumes.

A heritage of excellence

With over 200 perfumes to its name, each being a unique expression of the Creed family's creativity and expertise, House of Creed has been writing its fragrant history for more than 260 years. The brand continues to uphold its reputation for excellence and innovation in the niche perfumery domain.

Creed's core values

At Creed, we believe in preserving artisanal traditions and using the highest quality ingredients. Every perfume we create embodies our commitment to excellence and authenticity. We take pride in perpetuating our family heritage and sharing with you exceptional fragrances, true testimonials of our passion and craftsmanship.

Explore the world of house of Creed

Immerse yourself in the universe of House of Creed and be captivated by the excellence of niche perfumes. Tradition, creativity, and quality converge to offer you exceptional fragrances. Discover the scent that resonates with you and express your style with elegance and sophistication.