Collection: Bohoboco

BOHOBOCO PERFUME - Olfactory Expression of Creativity and History

BOHOBOCO PERFUME transcends being a mere perfume brand; it is the realization of Michał Gilbert Lach's childhood dream, the founder of the brand. Initially renowned for its red carpet-conquering clothing, the brand found true creative freedom in the realm of fragrances. Michał fell in love with the perfume creation process, a passion that gave birth to a new calling.

Warsaw's Heritage as a Source of Inspiration

BOHOBOCO is deeply rooted in Warsaw's prestigious history. Michał Gilbert Lach draws inspiration from everything he has accomplished, lived, or dreamed of during his 40 years of life. Each fragrance is a carefully crafted olfactive masterpiece, transforming these experiences into olfactory memories. A sensory journey through the very essence of Warsaw.

Discover a Captivating Olfactory Symphony

Explore this collection of unique perfumes and let yourself be carried away by an explosion of sensations. From the comforting warmth of vanilla and black pepper to the salty harmony of sea salt and caramel, to the intoxication of red wine and brown sugar, each BOHOBOCO creation is a captivating olfactory symphony.