Collection: BIRKHOLZ

Birkholz Perfumes: a unique olfactory signature

Welcome to the world of Birkholz Perfumes, where tradition and modernity meet to create exceptional niche fragrances. Founded in Berlin, Birkholz is a family-run business dedicated to offering fragrance experiences that leave a lasting impression on minds and hearts. Here, every fragrance from Birkholz Perfumes is hand-crafted, underscoring a commitment to craftsmanship and quality.

Philip Birkholz: the perfume sommelier

Philip Birkholz, the in-house sommelier, is at the heart of the creation of each fragrance. Thanks to his travels and collaboration with international perfumers, he brings a global dimension and uniqueness to each fragrance. Each fragrance is composed with the finest ingredients, chosen for their ability to evoke emotions and memories.

Between uniqueness and quality: the art of fragrance with Birkholz perfumes

At Birkholz, every fragrance must be as unique as the person who wears it. Perfumes are not mere accessories, but reflections of personality, revelators of memories and companions of life's moments.

An invitation to personalization

Birkholz offers the possibility of personalizing their fragrances through their Classique Collection. Every aspect of the perfume bottle can be customized to truly reflect the essence of its wearer. Their aim is to make each bottle a faithful reflection of your desires and personal style. We find creations that are the result of craftsmanship, the highest quality ingredients and an unwavering passion for perfumery.

At Birkholz Perfumes, each fragrance is more than a perfume: it's a story, a journey, an exploration of the soul. We invite you to discover each collection and find the fragrance that speaks about you, for you.