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TRANCE Eau de Parfum

TRANCE Eau de Parfum

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Description: Another recruit, trance, is hypnotic and at the same time sensual, emotional and ambiguous. Trance reflects the ambivalence of Berlin: modernity and tradition, man or woman... like the transformation of innocence into sin. When Houdini seduced women with his magic tricks, JF's perfumed potion Even today, perfume attracts customers with its magical notes of Turkish rose, rose and precious Oud. A perfume poster from the early 20th century is inspired by the magician's magic tricks. Harry Houdini, not only passionate about women, but also men, was known for his freedom tricks and the disappearance of animals like an elephant. Notes: Origin and sensuality: Turkish virgin rose Transformation: A bath of spices and flowers The forbidden essence of life: absinthe and zistrose absolute

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