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ERAWAN Eau de Parfum

ERAWAN Eau de Parfum

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Description: The opening, Its green and crunchy herbal fragrance stimulates the senses and transforms into an energizing harmony, with fresh floral and citric notes thanks to the Petitgrain of the bitter orange tree. In the heart, A subtle and sweet Lily of the Valley Paired with earthy Haitian Vetiver, while elevating a straw absolute like "a liquid summer day", this fragrance delivers a sublime blend of sun, wood, moss, tobacco and fresh hay. Coumarinic Liatrix strengthens this rich, earthy blend, while the intimate scent of clary sage softens the accord. Base notes, Tenacious and aromatic fixatives ensure long, sensual drying. Spicy cedar – blend of resinous scents with earth, green, oak moss. They are enhanced by the smooth balsamic richness of the increasingly rare Vanilla Absolute

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