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Vixy - Eau de parfum - TRUDON

Vixy - Eau de parfum - TRUDON

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Nom Parfum

A luminous ode to life.

With Vixi, the Trudon fragrance collection is enriched by an aromatic note with woody freshness.

A journey to lightness, Vixi reveals the spiritual strength of Nepalese sandalwood, the sacredness of sage, the freshness of natural bitter orange petitgrain oil and the flowery fragrance of jasmine essence.

Imagined by nose Émilie Bouge as a breath of life filled with clarity, Vixi comes alive with an inner light, blossoming in the base note like a radiant sap.

Carrying a form of universality, precious Nepalese sandalwood, revered in Eastern philosophy, and sage, associated with purification rituals, call for rebirth, a regenerating journey to the sources of wisdom.

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