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Nom Parfum

Stopover in Singapore, a place between tradition and futurism. An erotic and seductive fragrance that tastes like two lovers in a night of passion. The look of twilight and the charm of a night, recalling the taste of two lovers, hidden by warm reflexes of love and irreverent provocations. An abstract consciousness, captivated by essences and smells of a beauty that leads me to lose my mind, step by step, all the way to the door of my suite. Since that night, a perfume still persists on my skin that I experience and listen to; he talks about seduction, while, from my bedroom window, I admire Singapore at night. It began in the gazes of those faded crimson lights that sought my eyes, as if calling my name with a slow, warm whisper. Then my sight became smell, distorting my perception of an apparent consciousness drowned in an erotic scent of amber. I left my consciousness in the hall to follow this charming perfume which, step by step, led my being past its suite to meet its lips in a kiss. I remember a messy bed and lit candles burning our intimate night of passion and pleasure. I stand alone to commemorate our fleeting moment which endures in your scent on these sheets, on my skin, deep within me. I remain at your disposal for any further needs and look forward to receiving your wonderful update. Oriental PERFUME KEY NOTES Pink Pepper, Ginger, Vanilla, Patchouli, Ambergris

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